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Timber is pine - a plank (from a hardware store) - 19mm thick Cut the size required and then cut the timber in half down the width, to produce two pieces approximately 8-9mm thick.

I sanded the timber to a 400 grit, then used a blow torch to burn the entire surface...deliberately leaving a lighter area for the lettering to be added after.
Naturally, with the grain varying as it 'travels' along the plank, so too will the finished burnt grain produce an individual look for each book.

The timber was cut in half through the width - with a handsaw, thus the uneven surface - as the saw blade tended to move with the grain nearer the middle - but to me, it gives the surface some character and age and a recycled/re-purposed appearance.
The leather for the spine is 3mm thick - vegan treated tanned but natural colour.
The cord is 4 double strands of 1mm Hemp cord - four different colours  - thus the seemingly random pattern (due to the method of plaiting 4 strands) that I plaited, for appearance and strength.