Steve's Pyrography Logo Script and fancy fonts woodburned onto timber name plates plaques fa

I am a self-taught Pyrographer living in Binalong NSW, Australia, (1 hour from Canberra & a half hour from Yass)

Steve's Pyrography Logo

Source of photo: Me ! 

Using a needle pointed nib, I burnt the name of my website onto a piece of Mountain Ash.  Approximately 3000 dots, but I do not intend to count the dots on every piece I do....I prefer to listen to music whilst wood-burning!

I usually use a 1mm ball point to burn lettering, (see the Jewellery Box at the top of the page), however, whilst the needle point does take a long time, it does allow a finer font to be burnt.

Timbers with prominent grain can make burning curved or straight lines, with the needle point nib,  a little bit of a challenge, as the grain tends to direct the nib away from where you want to go. This means it can take longer to complete the lettering than using a broader point nib, say a 1mm ball point.

However, the potential to produce timber pieces with personalised messages, or name plaques for a project, with names and symbols and flourishes on a bespoke timber gift, is open for exploration!.....and I like a challenge :-)

The grain in this Mountain Ash does not appear to be prominent, but it certainly did try to direct the needle point nib away from where I wanted to go, but with a 1mm ball point, it may have been a little easier.

The same with Tasmanian Oak, but I think that the needle point itself will always be a bit of a challenge in any grain, purely because the broader point nib has more surface to mold the grain to its heat and shape.

Despite this, I do like the fine nib as the finer lines open up the possibility to explore fancy fonts,flourishes and combinations of designs to add detail and depth, where it is in character and proportion to the main design and the space available. 

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