• Please note that I will not breach the copyright status (or any variations thereof) of any photo/image/design requested for reproduction.
  • YOU must be the owner of the photo/image/design, that is, you have taken the photo with your camera, or created the unique design.
  • If using any other photo/image/design, from another photographer, you must be able to provide written permission from the owner, for the intended purpose of that photo/image/design.
  • Internet Sourced Images:  If you have a photo/image/design, readily found on the internet, then CONSIDER IT BOUND BY COPYRIGHT &/OR LICENCE.
  •  Further investigation must be done to determine the conditions of use of that image, as most do not allow the use of the image for further sale or personal profit.
  • Example: Search for images including the words 'Public Domain....' in the description. You will still need to verify that the description mentions the image is free from copyright, &/or no licence required &/or free for all types of usage (personal or commercial - or words to that effect) as I have found that copyright & licenced images usually get added to the search results, regardless of how specific I have made the search criteria.

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Please note: Happy to help Monday - Saturday (not Sunday)

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0410 640 799

If I can't answer...

Please leave a message and I will endeavour to reply as soon as practicable.


To inquire about commissioning a unique and special gift, please contact me via e-mail. Here's some information as a guide:

When emailing your inquiry,  you are under no obligation whatsoever.

I am happy to help and offer advice, or direct you to other artists if the work is beyond my skill-set. 

  1. Please note the quote may be in 3 parts:
  •    Set-up & Finishing costs ~ materials requried
  •    Cost of burning the artwork (taking into account hours & difficulty)
  •    The cost of the timber (If I supply the timber)

   2.  Do you have some timber in mind, or do you require me to source the timber (limitations apply)

  • Unsealed timber is required - otherwise the sealant or varnish will burn and produce a smoked colour around the pyrography .
  • If the product is already stained or varnished, then I will need to sand back the surface area that will contain the image.

   3.  If you supply the timber, then I usually request that it be your responsibility for delivery & collection, however, please liaise with me on each occasion to work out the most suitable method.

   4:  Photos: Need to in focus, be clear and as detailed as possible, for the accurate reproduction of detail. 

   5:  Is there a particular size required, or limitations affecting, the image or lettering required.

  •  'Soft' light coloured timbers are easier to show detailed or subtle shading,  though lettering can still stand out on slightly darker timbers.
  •  Once I know what timber you have, I can advise more accurately on the achievable result, as the variations in grain and 'hardness' can have quite an affect.  
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