Pyrography or woodburning of Cattle dog cross with a clock 50th birthday present for friend in Tamworth Australia Earthy tones

Chloe: Cattle Dog Cross - This is a gift to a friend for their 50th Birthday.

Source of Photo: The owner of Chloe 

I chose to alter the direction of the eyes to give a more interesting expression to the face. The edge of the timber was burnt using a butane blowtorch. It gives a blacker colour than burning with the metal tip and still allows some of the grain to show through.

As for the extra light areas in the photo, I chose to burn the detail of the fur instead, as it didn't feel right not to show the detail of the fur, which is evident upon closer inspection of the photo.

Timber is Poplar - light coloured and soft to enable '3d' burning. The numbers are burnt on and the clock mechanism is the common sort availble from art stores 

Chloe a cattle dog cross pyrography or woodburning artwork with a clock 50th birthday present for a friend in Tamworth
cattle dog cross woodburning or pyrography with a clock - blowtorch blackened edges Ipswich Queensland Australia unique designs from your photos for art for any occasion

The edges were burnt with a butane blowtorch. It creates a blacker border, whilst still showing the grain, by clamping timber on each edge, I burnt the border. A light brush with 0000 grade Steel wool to remove the excess burnt cells, and you have a border.  

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