There are two Brewing Competition Trophies, one for Pilsner and one for Marzen.
They were awarded at Oktoberfest Brisbane 2017.
This is a 25 litre barrel end, converted to be a wall mounted trophy.
A sincere "thanks indeed" to Boris & Kim for the opportunity to contribute to the Brisbane festival.

Burning on the end grain means, despite the surface feeling very smooth after sanding, that there are still pockets and lines of open cells, of varying depths, that can increase the difficulty of burning a line of dots in a straight line - especially in fine detail.

Personally, Lettering in dot points is preferable to writing with a ball point nib (as you would with a pen or pencil) because those open cells I mentioned before, as they can cause the ball to stop in that cell and produce an over burnt & oversized 'bump' in the line of the letter or shape.

For the 'Pilsner', and the background of the barrel in the main logo, I first filled the areas with the 1mm ball then filled in those dots with the needle nosed nib.  The reason?... A variation on the texture, as it gives a more prominent texture to the letters, than just using the needle nosed nib only.

So you see, there are no exact rules, there are preferences, an sometimes those preferences can be combined... 'Artistic Licence' I believe :-)