Australian Stock Horse National Youth Show 2016

The Stock Whip is normally supplied as a finished item, meaning the shaft is sealed/'varnished'...ready for use.

In order to apply lettering to the shaft, this 'varnish' needs to be sanded back, and when sanding close to the leather and cord, I reverted to a scalpel blade to scrape off the sealant.

The lettering was applied using a needle nosed nib, thus the letters consist of very fine dots, in order to produce cleaned lined edges.

If I were to use a 1mm ball nib, it would not have taken as long to do each whip, but the effect would have been a 'rougher' look to the letters, which has its place, but not, I felt, on a whip that is a prize or an award.

The needle nosed nib still gives the lettering texture, but also produces a very neat appearance.

Thanks indeed Amanda, for the opportunity to contribute towards the National Youth Show.

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