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I am a self-taught Pyrographer living in SE Queensland in Ipswich, Australia, (inland near Brisbane, about an hour from Toowoomba, and the Gold Coast).

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 2nd Gallery

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Jewellery Box Lid

Mitch, with guidance from his Grandfather, spent many hours making a multi-level jewellery box for his girlfriend. 

I am proud to have been able to contribute towards this special gift.

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Ridge: Gypsy Cob Stallion from Windenvale Gypsy Cobs: This is a gift to friends who have helped us immensely and also with our horses.

Source of Photo: Windenvale Gypsy Cobs

Poplar is a soft timber ideally suited to pyrography (or woodburning) with varying grain, however, it allows relief burning & carving to give texture in the mane, the fine hairs on the forehead and the condition of the timber posts. Horses are a favourite subject due to their structure, mane, eyes, facial features, expression and nobility


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Castellan: Gyspy Cob Stallion - This is a gift to friends who have  been a source of great support and help with our horses.

Poplar is used for this burning. The grain is subtle enough not to overpower the image and the timber is soft enough to enable a knife edge tip to carve/burn the mane

Source of Photo: Owners of Castellan


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Steve's Pyrography Logo

Source of photo: Me ! 

Using a needle pointed nib, I burnt the name of my website onto a piece of Mountain Ash.  Approximately 3000 dots, but I do not intend to count the dots on every piece I do....I prefer to listen to music whilst wood-burning!

I usually use a 1mm ball point to burn lettering, (see the Jewellery Box at the top of the page), however, whilst the needle point does take a long time, it does allow a finer font to be burnt.

Timbers with prominent grain can make burning curved or straight lines, with the needle point nib,  a little bit of a challenge, as the grain tends to direct the nib away from where you want to go. This means it can take longer to complete the lettering than using a broader point nib, say a 1mm ball point.

However, the potential to produce timber pieces with personalised messages, or name plaques for a project, with names and symbols and flourishes on a bespoke timber gift, is open for exploration!.....and I like a challenge :-)

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I must admit, I am partial to the natural shape of timber. It stands out from the manufactured, precise angled homes, offices and appliances we see each day

The growth rings visible on this piece tell us this tree was several hundred years old. The distance between indicates the seasons of rapid or slow growth.

Note. Huon Pine is wholly protected. No trees can be felled, only trees found on the forest floor, or buried in river beds, as it remains usable for hundreds of years, and are highly prized by woodworkers.

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This piece of Huon Pine is 6mm thick, thus ideal for framed pictures. As with most items seen here, several photos can form the composition of the final artwork.  

Max has one of each model of Ford Escort, and the Cortina 1600, at home, in various stages of restoration

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I have 9 of these left, blank, ready for creating into a personal, unique gift. Unique, because the design applied to these can be Your choice 

The grain of these lathe turned items, seems to favour patterns more than fine art.  

However I do intend to produce one with a reasonably detailed picture, so I will post the results when finished for comparison.

The patterns on the pictures are suggestions only 


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Here's a bit of a side track from Pyrography...I bought some sassafras veneer, and designed and made this Key Holder for Adie, for an anniversary present. 

The nails that hold the keys are horse shoe nails. The timber is a piece of Jarrah that I  'rescued' (re-assigned for my purposes!) from the garden shed that had been there for a long forgotten project .

I suppose an obvious question would be, "why didn't I burn the features of the horses onto the veneer"....The veneer can be quite brittle, and not entirely flat. In order to get some of the detail of the horse, meant I could penetrate the veneer, which can lead to cracking, which makes it even harder to adhere to the timber, as the veneer tends to curl up when the glue is applied, and  I had to carefully roll it back down onto the timber. 

There quite possibly are easier/better ways to do it, but it was my first foray into the world of veneer. (That's my excuse and I am sticking to it :-) 

Once the veneer is glued to the timber, then yes I have a flat surface, but the glue can interfere with the burn and it then looks obvious as to what has happened.